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Ron Paul on FoxNews with Chris Wallace 1/1/2012

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The totally unbiased, Chris Wallace actually starts out the interview pretty fair and asks Ron why he has so much support in Iowa this time around. (Video below)

Ron Paul: Well, it isn’t because I’ve changed my message. My message has been the same for 30 years and its the same as 4 years ago. But the world has changed, the country has changed. I’ve talked about economic policies for a long time, warned about financial bubbles and the correction that was coming. That has arrived and people now are saying the economy is a big deal, spending is a big deal, the debt is a big deal. This is what I’ve worked my whole career on trying to warn people about.

Ron also brought up his foreign policy and did a good job pointing out that he is not the extreme one on foreign policy by believing in the Constitution and only going do war with a declaration of war. This simply means that the Executive branch can not take the country to war, only the Congress can do that.

Ron Paul: 70% of the [American] people want us out of Afghanistan, it’s bankrupting us. We spent $4 trillion and that went into debt in these last ten years and I’m deeply concerned about civil liberties. These issues strike a chord with the people…because right now, the evidence is loud and clear that Government is failing in what they pretend they are going to do for us and that is why the people are looking for different answers.

Dr. Paul’s answers were right on the money and hit at the very heart of what the real issues that are dividing this country are. Chris Wallace, fearing that Ron Paul might have gotten a little too much truth out has to spin it by bringing up the latest Des Moines Register which shows Santorum surging, which is really gross if you Google: Santorum and imagine it surging. Gross…

Ron Paul just laughs it off and says the people that are involved in this campaign for liberty are here to stay and the numbers are growing. All the other candidates, as Ron points out, are all just part of the status quo. They are just insiders that have no real philosophy and will continue to run this country into the ground.

Next, Chris mentions the infamous newsletters but doesn’t go into it, attacks Ron about a couple lines taken out of context in his 1987 book “Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution After 200-Plus Years”, and at the end Ron points out that Michelle Bachmann is lying (as usual) about her Iowa campaign chair getting money from the Ron Paul campaign to leave her campaign.

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