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Joseph McQuaid from the New Hampshire Union Leader says Ron Paul is ‘truly dangerous’

RE: unionleader.com/article/20111229/OPINION01/712299993

Joe Knows Best

Starting the article off Joe has to first let you know that “Ron Paul is a dangerous man.” (He’s trying to be persuasive) Joe says this while conceding that most of his domestic policies gain a lot of support from people who are fed up with politics as usual. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Then, Joe drops the bomb. It’s Ron Paul’s view on national security that are truly dangerous. An amazing statement considering that having bases in over 130 countries isn’t exactly “national security.” However, protecting our borders (OUR national defense)  is well in line with Constitution and Ron Paul would be the strongest candidate in that respect. Joe hopes that we ignore the fact that our military presence in other nations is the prime reason they come here and want to attack us. If this isn’t understood, this debate will never end. You see, the facts need to be straight before you can start having an actual debate or all the back and forth is just pointless.

Some Wall Street Journal columnist, Joe notes, said that Ron Paul is “a leading spokesman for, and recycler of, the long and familiar litany of charges that point to the United States as a leading agent of evil and injustice, the militarist victimizer of millions who want only to live in peace.”

What a completely ridiculous assumption. I’m not sure how many times this needs to be explained, but apparently some people don’t understand the difference between a failed foreign policy that we have been following for over 50 years that has not made us any safer, any freer or any better financially and a foreign policy of national defense, non-intervention and free trade. Protecting America first and DECLARING WAR through the Congress as is laid out in the Constitution.  How can it be such a crime to think that maybe if we do things Constitutionally we can actually enhance and strengthen our national security?

Joe goes into his next rant, puking out every media talking point about how al-Qaida is here, they are at war with us, Ron Paul wants to read them their rights. I suppose Joe would think it’s best if we just let the President mark anyone as an enemy just because he says so. Acts of aggression should be tried with proof, but to say that we can keep every American safe from terrorists while bombing countries and expanding our military around the world is “absurd”, “warped”,  and “nothing short of nuts” considering that is the reason they come here.

I could go on and on about Joe’s examples and comment on the tears that are no doubt running down his face while Ron Paul polls 1st in Iowa with a strong 2nd in New Hampshire but I’m not going to because Joe doesn’t understand foreign policy,  he doesn’t understand the term blowback, he doesn’t bother to listen to what the CIA, military intel, and even the people we call enemies are telling us is the reason for their attacks. He just ignores it all and spits it out recycled fear-mongering on his rag for you to lick up.

Joe ends the article calling the majority of Iowa caucus voters “white supremacists, anti-Semites, truthers, etc.” Stay classy, Joe. You don’t speak for me and you don’t speak for America.

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