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Suspect With Shotgun and Sledgehammer Attacks Gov’t Money Generator, MD Police Close Rt. 295

I don’t blame the guy for being angry. Why is a private company allowed to take photos of speeders and send tickets to them on behalf of the police department? This is clearly generating revenue for the government and is completely unconstitutional. Would anyone allow me to just create a company, stand on the side of the road or maybe just drive around in my car writing down license plates of people that are speeding, then go tell the police and demand a cut of the booty? Not likely…

Of course, I won’t defend the destruction of property. Maybe just standing in front of it with a sign would have been a lot more useful.

I’m also willing to bet the guy who is being described as the “Brawny” paper towel guy, or maybe Paul Bunyan (even though he had an axe), didn’t even have a shotgun. The only mention of it in the news story is from the guy in the “scam van” saw him come out of the woods “with a shotgun.” Next thing the criminal knew he was beating the car with a sledgehammer – maybe it wasn’t a shotgun after all…

Authorities said the man approached a speed camera vehicle parked along the side of the road.  A contractor sitting inside the white vehicle told police he saw a man walk out of the woods with a shotgun and tap on his back window.

The man then walked around the front of the vehicle, police said, and started pounding it with a sledgehammer.

Several motorists witnessed the incident and called it in to authorities. No injuries were reported.


The media has no problem hyping it up as if this huge man came out of the woods wielding a big ass shotgun in one hand a 20lb sledgehammer in the other. Check out the URL of the article – “Shots Fired on Rt 295.” I wonder what he did with the shotgun when he was beating the car with a sledgehammer? Could this guy really be that much of a beast?

The cops went as far to actually shut down 295 to look for him. I used to live in Maryland and shutting down 295 is no small task. In the future, this sledgehammer/shotgun/ox wielding lunatic better be sure he doesn’t stop illegal revenue generation for the criminal cartel or there will be hell to pay.

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