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K9 police dog dies after being left in a hot car – Cops feels bad and say sorry.

Cops above the law?

The news is hammered during the summer, especially in the south west, about leaving your dog in the car because of hot weather. The State even uses our tax money to play commercials to remind us not to leave our furry friends in a hot car.

Indeed, people have in fact been arrested or fined for doing such things. Even when running into the store for a minute with a bowl of water in the back.

In Hinesville, I was accosted for “animal cruelty.” We were traveling to visit family in the southwestern part of the state. In the car were my wife, my two young daughters, and our two dogs, Methuselah and Garibaldi.


You see, we left the dogs in the car, with the windows down and a dish of water to drink. A noble citizen watched us emerge from the car and promptly called animal control. An agent was dispatched to rescue our persecuted beasts.

I was informed that I was being charged with criminal animal cruelty, subject to appear in court at a later date. Apparently, the fact that my dogs were panting was proof positive that they were at death’s door. Never mind that they always pant, even in an air-conditioned house.


Carmel man arrest for leaving dog in stifling car

The chief of the recently formed Putnam County SPCA is amazed that “people don’t get it!”

Ross has asked local residents observing an animal inside a vehicle on a hot day to call their local police department or the Putnam SPCA new hotline.

Man Arrested For Leaving Dog in Hot Car

A Keller, Texas man is behind bars charged with animal cruelty after leaving his dog in a sweltering car in the Schlitterbahn parking lot.

Now, these dogs didn’t die. I’m sure you could dig and find some that did. But did it have anything to do with the law, or the police? No – It has to do with individual responsibility. Responsible people take care of their pets and family and don’t do anything to hurt them. The State should no be legislating morality, they should be upholding the law and protecting property.

A feeling of disgust should come over you every time you hear a story about these pig cops that are clearly above the law. How clearly? This story shows it.

Her name was Liberty, but she died trapped in the back of a hot squad car.  Her handler apparently forgot to put her in the police department kennel when he got off work Wednesday afternoon.

A beautiful name and its a shame that she isn’t still alive to defend it. Now notice that when citizen leaves a dog in the car to run into the store they can be charged and put in jail. This dog, however, was  “trapped” in the back of the car. She actually wasn’t trapped, he irresponsible cop left the dog in their. He actually forgot the dog in the car, just left her in there and went home.

I assume he was all high on a power trip after a long day of acting tough and threatening people with the lose of their property. I’d rather not post any more of the article because they make sure to let us know how bad the cop feels and how sorry he is for doing it. So fucking what? Stick the bum in jail for animal cruelty if it is in fact, the “law.”

If we all believe in freedom and equality, everyone should treated the same way. The law should not change just because a persons holds a certain position. Follow a simple principle like that would remove a lot of the hate and animosity from our society.

  1. July 9, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    The question I would ask is–what is this dealthat cops have with “loving dogs”?
    In any other context, yes, a citizen would be prosecuted. The whole “love your dog as thy neighbor” thing is a method of mind-control, via memes that condone dog-love, while shitting all over hyman rights.


  2. July 9, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    errr….human rights…not that hyman rights doesn’t work in some crypto way….


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