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Great Jeffery Tucker Article – Show Love to the Merchant Class

Tom Woods sent out a tweet to his followers about this article. I’m a Tom Woods and Jeffery Tucker reader so when one recommends a story by the other I would take Tom Wood’s advice and say to you – “Please don’t pass this one by.”

Show Love to the Merchant Class
By Jeffery A. Tucker
July 4, 2011

People can be downright nasty to store clerks and stores. It’s their right: a feature of the market is that you don’t have to trade with anyone in particular. And yet, it still troubles me when people are so dismissive of attempts at entrepreneurship. Why not refrain from buying and walk away? Why hurl invective or behave in a rude way?

In the sports store the other day, I heard customers muttering that this glove is too expensive, this tennis racket is too tightly strung, this shoe is too gaudy, this exercise equipment is not all it says, and that the store should carry this brand of ball, not that one. Most people are happy, else the place could not be in business, but other people (again, rightly) just assume that it is their right to dislike, refuse, cut down, put down, and generally dismiss any merchant with a wave of their hand.

Read the full article @ http://mises.org/daily/5426/Show-Love-to-the-Merchant-Class

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