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Fox News Republican Debate 5/5/2011 – Video of Ron Paul Questions

I watched the debate last night and was a little bit disappointed that Ron seemed to get skipped over on some important questions.

At the end of the debate they went to a “random” focus group of 30 people who overwhelmingly supported Herman Cain. Who is Herman Cain you ask? I would say don’t worry about it. Of course you would ask, why?

Well regardless of the fact that he is the former CEO of Godfather Pizza, I’ve personally never tasted the pizza so I can’t comment on that. It would be nice to be able to say – “Look, this guys pizza sucks and you expect him to be able to run the country?” But I can’t. I will, however, comment on the name of the pizza shop though. Godfather Pizza…

When I think of Godfather I naturally also think words like “mafia” and “cartel.” What do those words have to do with Herman Cain? Well, Herman Cain was a deputy chairman (1992-1994) and chairman (1995-1996) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City! The Federal Reserve is literally a cartel of private banks, working very hard since 1913 to steal 97% of the value of your dollar.

In a true debate, these clowns (aside from Johnson, I respect him for being there, but step back and get behind Ron Paul!) don’t even belong on the same stage as Ron Paul because they simply wouldn’t be able to hang with his understanding of the economy, history, liberty, and the Constitution. Here are the Ron Paul questions from the debate. Visit RonPaul2012.com

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