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The TSA wants to unionize, Will Michael Moore show up?

With these reports coming out that the TSA wants to unionize it makes me think about the battle that has been raging in Wisconsin. I personally don’t stand with the public unions or unions at all for that matter.

They do their best to reduce competition in the labor market by forcing businesses to pay them a certain amount and bully those that would love to work for a lower wage. If they can’t bully the non-union workers out themselves, usually the course of action if to use the State to get them on their side.

Public sector employees are all funded by our tax money. They are stealing from us to pay for them to teach. Unfortunately, they aren’t doing a very good job at it. The education in this country has gone severely downhill. The protesters in Wisconsin seem to think that this is their “right.” A right that goes against another mans right is no right at all. These union employees in Wisconsin are making a very good salary plus all the added benefits – insurance, pension plans. Thing we could only dream of in the private (non-government) sector.

So what gives them to right with to bargain on how much of our money they get? They should be paid their salary, have to put money into their retirement, and pay for insurance just like everyone else. The cuts that I believe are being talked about will be making them contribute an extra couple percent out of their (read: the taxpayers) check to their entitlement programs.

Everyone got so hyped up for this when their socialist savior, Michael Moore showed up. I used to like Michael Moore actually, simply because I didn’t know any better. Once I found Hayek, Mises, Rothbard, Paul and many other great teachers I could see things in a whole new light, but that’s besides the point.

Michael Moore showed up as this savior of the people, calling the money that all of us get from working, to pay taxes, to pay their salary, a national resource. Everything you earn should be paid to the government and given to other people to help them out. It is working out great now. Michael Moore likes to blame everything on Capitalism and the evil, greedy profit motive. What we have been “enjoying” in America isn’t Capitalism and is a pretty far cry from it.

In Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” he did his best to trash the banking institutions (who I don’t think are in anywhere clear from blame) but didn’t even bother attacking the route of all the evil – The Federal Reserve System.

Why didn’t he attack the Federal Reserve? I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about the Fed when I saw his film, so I didn’t know any better. I expect there are many people that are stuck in that same camp and its sad that many people can easily get stuck into that “socialist-democrat” mindset and not actually understanding that the institution they support can only turn out to be the exact opposite of what they claim to love. Michael Moore didn’t mention the Federal Reserve for a reason. Either he is stupid or he has some other motive and is possibly just working for the system. Central banking (the Federal Reserve is a central bank) is straight out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto – do actual freedom loving people believe in these policies? Let’s hope they are just confused!

So, back to the TSA unionizing. This is no different then what the unions in Wisconsin fought so hard for. Was Michael Moore showing up at the protest, and Obama and the DNC busing in protesters to get the American people ready for the TSA to unionize?

I wonder if the people that protested, Facebook’d, Tweet’d, Twat’d, Dugg, Read, or Pressed any beautiful words “standing strong with the middle class of America,” and letting know how courageous they were for demanding their “civil rights” are prepared to stand up when these pigs at the TSA try to pull the same stunt? If its about freedom and rights you must behind it, right?

This shows the clear idiocy of America. People everywhere got behind this story of “hard working Americans” and “the middle class” based on propaganda. It became – you are either with Scott Walker or you are with us. In case you weren’t aware, you are allowed to be repulsed by both. That is your right.

Will people stand up for the TSA when they fight for their “right” to bargain with money that is stolen from an actual productive member of the private (non-government) sector?

Not me – I don’t commend Scott Walker for making this an issue when there are clearly many other things that can be cut from the budget before we start making the “poor, underpaid” teachers cry. I don’t stand with the union thugs either, if it were up to me the government wouldn’t pay you a dime and as long as you were actually a good teacher you would get paid a fair wage in the private (non-government) sector. Lastly, I don’t stand with the TSA and will always wish for there abolition whether they unionize or not.

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