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The Peter Schiff Show – 3/7/2011 – Dick Morris says drug test every high school kid

Dick Morris came on The Peter Schiff show to promote his new book about repealing Obama’s socialist agenda. Turns out Dick Morris is a fucking idiot – He called Ron Paul “horrific” because he wanted to end the war on drugs and the war on terrorism.

Peter did his best to ask why he felt that way but Dick snapped… Dick Morris says we aren’t winning the war on drugs because “we aren’t fighting it.” So much for those billions already spent I suppose. He goes onto say that we should drug test ever high school student, everyone that applies for a college loan – I wonder how much that will all cost?? Talk about a socialist agenda.

Dick Morris couldn’t defend his position at all, cried that he had come on the show to promote his book and then hung up. Real professional. Check out the video below…

Posted On YouTube By SaveOurSovereignty3 On March 7, 2011

Airing Date March.07, 2011

Dick Morris calls Ron Paul “Horrific”, Hangs Up On Peter Schiff


  1. March 7, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Dick Morris was on Peter Schiff and wow, my jaw dropped.

  2. March 8, 2011 at 8:52 am

    Did you hear Dick Morris on the Peter Schiff show?

  3. patriot1
    July 21, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    I’m with Peter Schiff all the way on this one. I oppose any drug testing anywhere, whether it be for government jobs or jobs in the private sector. I’d like to see a high-profile person, such as Mr. Schiff, do some investigative research on the drug testing industry itself. The questions that should be asked are; What is the real agenda behind drug testing? Who’s behind it? Who’s connected to whom? Who’s profiting off of it? What are the future plans of the drug testing industry? To test and enslave the entire population? I believe that drug testing in any form is another angle of attack on our liberties, and that the drug testing industry is every bit as dangerous to the American people as the federal government itself. I see striking similarities between the drug testing industry and the fabian socialists. Like fabian socialism, drug testing has been implemented incrementally, little by little, over the years, without the people paying any attention to what’s going on. And then, before you know it, there is no freedom left and you live in an Orwellian police state without even knowing how it happened. By then it’s already too late and the entire population has been enslaved. I believe that drug testing is being slowly implemented in more and more areas of society, and that the younger upcoming generations are being conditioned to accept their enslavement. I’ve been working for over 30 years, and when I first started working, it never even occured to me that anyone would want to examine people’s bodily fluids for even the most menial of jobs. There was no drug testing back in the 1970’s, and the sky didn’t fall, and it certainly wouldn’t fall now if the practice was outlawed. (As it should be.) Like today’s young people who can’t imagine that a lot of us grew up in a world without computers, cell phones, cable TV, etc., soon we will have a generation who won’t be able to imagine a world without drug testing. They’ll be like “Well, we gotta have it.” NO WE DON’T!!! It is a big lie. This country went over 200 years without drug testing, and we did just fine. We didn’t need it then, so we don’t need it now. Substance abuse is nothing new, people have been doing it since the beginning of time, and they always will. The only thing drug testing does is to make certain people rich by trampling on the liberties of the people. It’s time to expose this racket for what it is; A BIG FRAUD!!!! Let’s put the drug testing industry out of business and proclaim liberty throughout the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof!

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