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Just a quick foreign aid rant

As I was browsing through a few local news sites and there was an article about Dean Heller (R-NV) and his budget proposal, specifically the foreign aid section.

The comments are beyond foolish. People seem to have this over whelming love of the State stealing their money and giving it to dictators like Ben Ali in Tunisia or Mubarak in Egypt. They make insignificant arguments about how it only makes up a small amount of the budget, as if that is the main issue people want to stop foreign aid.

Here is a gem:

To hear Mr. Heller say he represents Nevadans is disturbing. Mr. Heller represents the special interest groups and rich Republicans that got him elected. I don’t imagine he cares about what we think unless we come with check book in hand. Mr. Heller, please don’t insult us by saying you’re doing the will. of Nevadans. We are smarter than that.

This clown, “tired of this” was his name is clearly tired of the rich Republicans. “tired of this” claims that the views of Nevadans are to support foreign aid, propping up puppet dictators, and funding guerrilla groups to overthrow democratically elect governments. According to the poster, those views that represents Nevadans?

I love how people justify not cutting foreign aid based only on the fact that it is a small part of the budget. It’s about the implications of supporting dictators and OUR money being given to them.

Why support foreign aid? Americans act like the government doesn’t already steal enough from their paycheck. I think we have seen plenty of times when there is a horrible disaster, the private sector has no problem chipping in some cash to help and raising millions and millions of dollars. The government uses force to take money from you and give it to someone else. In what world is theft moral?

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