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Illegal Drugs and Guns Seized in Argentina from US Military Aircraft, Surprised?

Regarding the article: http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-world/argentina-us-in-diplomatic-spat-20110215-1au1u.html

Argentina and the United States are engaged in a diplomatic spat after Buenos Aires authorities seized what they say are undeclared weapons and drugs on a US military aircraft last week.

Our State Department says they are “puzzled and disturbed” about the illegal guns and drugs on their US Air Force C-17. Yeah, I bet they are… We know who’s bringing the drugs in. Why do you think there is such a hardcore war on Marijuana? – They can’t control it.

The aircraft apparently arrived with men and supplies for a so called “hostage rescue exercise.” In my opinion, the “pirates” probably just came back with their “booty.” Or maybe they had some trading to do with some guerrilla group.

“Among the material seized, which the State Department makes no reference to, are from weapons to different drugs, including various doses of morphine,” the foreign ministry said in Sunday’s statement.


President Cristina Kirchner’s government is asking for cooperation from Washington in their investigation into the military’s attempt “to violate Argentine laws by bringing in hidden material in an official shipment.” They deserve an answer. I doubt we would react so calmly to a foreign government running drugs and guns through our country.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said “we are puzzled and disturbed by the actions of Argentine officials,” adding they conducted what he called “an unusual and unannounced search of the aircraft’s cargo.”


Oh, it’s an “unusual” and “unannounced” search. You could say that about every airport passenger that goes through the TSA’s naked body scanners or opts out to receive a government rape down.  Now that’s unusual. Seem pretty reasonable to me to conduct a random search of a known criminal organization. Hell, our government does it to American citizens with out even knowing if they are guilty or not.

[Argentine Foreign Minister Hector] Timerman reacted to this decision by saying that the United States has “more interests than friends.”

He said Obama would not visit Argentina because “it won’t buy arms or even sign a defence agreement.”


He knows our government well.

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