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U.S. Wants $53 Billion For High Speed Rail

Read the story here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41021318/ns/business/

PHILADELPHIA — Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced an ambitious $53 billion U.S. program to build new high-speed rail networks and make existing ones faster over the next six years.

Vice President Biden says this is about “seizing the future.” I can hardly see how this is going help America. The government is continually strangling small businesses. If the market demanded a high speed rail it would be building one. Instead the government is going to create jobs by spending more money. This will be a disaster, just like everything else the government gets its grubby little fingers on.

I don’t want my tax money funding this project – I want to keep the money I earn, we all do. If someone wants to start building a high speed rail with what little money the government doesn’t steal from them, I’m all for it.

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