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Obama Names GE CEO, Chairman of the New Council on Jobs and Competitiveness

A few weeks ago Obama named former JP Morgan Chase executive, William Daley as his Chief of Staff.  Today, Obama has named the CEO of General Electric (GE) as chairman of the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

I for one am getting sick of how unelected top level government positions are being occupied by people that run mega corporations and giant corrupt banks that should have been out of business for their shady business practices.  Now the light of the recent merger of GE, NBC, Comcast we have given people that run large, influential companies the keys to our government.

GE CEO Jeff Immelt, chariman of the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness says:

“There is always a healthy tension between the public and private sectors,” he wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post this morning. “However, we all share a responsibility to drive national competitiveness, particularly during economic unrest. This is one of those times.”


Well Obama you really picked a winner here. Immelt says that there is always a healthy tension between the public and private sectors. I wouldn’t say that it’s healthy but that the private sector has more of a disdain for the public sector. Immelt also mentions that both the private and public sector share a drive for competitiveness…How so?

A businesses primary goal is to make money.  They want to do things cheap, fast, efficiently and with quality for repeat buyers and more business.  The government or a government run business (not much difference) is flawed from the start.  Their primary business goal to make money is already achieved.  However, it is achieved by force – threat of fine or imprisonment.  Since their primary goal of making money is completed whether you like it or not, they no longer need to do things cheap, fast or efficiently since they have no need to please you to gain a profit.  They have created a monopoly.

“Because we still have a long way to go to get Americans back to work and strengthen our economy,” the White House announced in a 12:30 am EST statement, “the council will focus on finding new ways to promote growth by investing in American business to encourage hiring, to educate and train our workers to compete globally, and to attract the best jobs and businesses to the United States.”


This isn’t a tough decision to make, the White House. Let us keep our money, stop spending/wasting so much of the money you take from us, and repeal the Federal Reserve Act. Let the free market get back on its feet and we will take it from here – thanks for nothing 🙂

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