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Synthetic Cocaine Sold As Bath Salts


When drugs are illegal people do stupid and more dangerous things just because they are legal and don’t risk punishment. Maybe the drug laws aren’t working? Or do you anti-drug Nazi’s propose we do more of the same?

“Some people get even chest pain or cardiovascular collapse,” said Dr. Josef Thundiyil, who works in Orlando Regional Medical Center emergency rooms and is a toxicologist. “It’s appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the Internet. Whenever it’s new and on the Internet there’s the appearance that it might be safe, when in reality we actually don’t know that it’s safe.”


I think a better statement is – It’s appealing to kids because they don’t risk being thrown in jail and having their lives ruined because it is legal.  When you make laws against drugs, calling them “illegal” you are simply setting the standard that – legal = good, safe; Illegal = bad, dangerous. This is failed logic, especially in the case of marjiuana and cigarettes and of course, even actual cocaine and bath salts.

Read the story @ ClickOrlando.com

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