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Russia and Iran Shake Hands

Anyone notice the United States is becoming the “odd man out.”  We are massively in debt.  China has been our biggest financier for a while.  However, China and Russia are no longer trading in US dollars.

Now with news that Russia is strengthening ties with Iran our “next enemy.”  It seems we could be left in a very vulnerable situation.

“Russia is ready for all cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Medvedev was quoted as saying.


I believe that is why anyone with any sense will agree we need to bring our troops home now and start protecting our own country while we rebuild the private sector.

China’s military has been growing and in some cases passing us in technology and they have the money to do it.  The United States is in no position at this point to be spending so much on our overseas empires and the military.

Medvedev, according to the report which did not give a date for the call, said the two long-standing allies could boost ties in energy, fuel, transportation and other commercial areas.


The key areas in America that make this country was it is (was?) are being over run by failed policies from Washington.

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