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Woodcarver John Williams Murdered By Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk

I first saw the video on one of the sites I visit daily for news. The video was the dashboard cam from the police car.  The cop is stopped at a light and John Williams walks by, honestly it’s hard to tell from the video what he is doing, but it doesn’t look suspicious to me.

The cop pulls up a little further, gets out of his car and starts yelling at the citizen walking down the sidewalk.  “Hey!, Hey!, Hey! Hey! Put the knife down!, Put the knife down!”  Then just as quickly as he stopped talking, what sounds like 5 quick shots rang out.  This cop had murdered this man!  Office Birk immediately calls dispatch and says “he wouldn’t drop the knife.”

A women that was walking across the street and was brave enough to speak out and say something to this killer.  The pigs reply was “M’am, he had a knife and he wouldn’t drop it!”  Officer Birk radios in – “It’s under control, the suspect is down.”  What suspect?  The dude that was crossing the street that you felt the need to stop your car and murder?  You are the suspect, sir.

Police swarm the area, bike cops slam on their front breaks and leave the bikes (no kick stands!) on the road and rush towards the scene.  Don’t worry guys – The crime has already taken place, you should be arresting Officer Birk for murdering a citizen that posed no threat to him – Only to the wood he was carving.

Another Officer in the background tells all the cops to “line up here, we will go in together.”  Two more cops enter the view on the camera, gun drawn, ridiculous…

An Officer is talking to Officer Birk and another Officer telling him to “stay with him” and reassuring Officer Birk that his murder will be justified by saying “As long as you don’t get hurt.”

Officer Birk goes on to explain his story.  “Yeah, he had it out, he was uh, carving it up, carving up that board, with it open.  I approached him…I instructed him to drop it multiple times and he wouldn’t do it.”  The response to his story was “you did the right thing.”  No, he did not do the right thing.  In fact in court another officer testified that the blade was NOT open.

You can see the YouTube video of the dashboard cam here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkLkLgNz71o

Seattle Police Officer William Collins told the jury that the knife Williams was carrying was not open but still presented a danger to Officer Birk.

A closed knife poses the same threat as an open knife. If a person is aggressive, a knife is a threat. Our job is to stop someone walking with a knife,” said Collins.


You heard Officer Collins, people.  Don’t sweep that comment under the rug, the cops are serious when they say they will murder you for not lying down as soon as you fail to do exactly what they say.  Am I exaggerating?  No, police killing unarmed men has become the norm in the last few years.  Cops used to carry clubs, now the clubs are taser guns and those to will kill you!

An inquest will decide if Birk acted too hastily. A preliminary police finding was that the shooting was not justified. Birk has been stripped of his gun and badge.


Birk has been stripped of his gun and badge so at least one murderer is off the streets.  I have no respect for you, Ian Birk.  That man, John Williams, was not causing any harm.  Trying to understand your need to stop and at least see what the situation was is even hard to understand, but I can take your side that far.  From that point forward you made absolutely no attempt the speak with the man like an civilized human being.  You are an animal, a thug, a gangster, a murderer and you shot that man several times and it seems like you didn’t even think twice.

I hope their are many other police officers out there that would not take this route and use some sense and civility.  Take a step back and realize that you aren’t God or anything special – You are a man with a badge and a gun.  Be civil and respect us and you would get the same – You know – since we pay your salary and you are here only to serve and protect.

In the wake of all this so-called “politically” charged anger its funny for the corporate media to say that the anger is coming from a certain party.  It should be obvious to you that these are divide and conquer techniques.  In my opinion, there is an actual second party forming in America and that is scaring the living shit out of the establishment.  This new party is educated and are ready for real change.  This party is about peace, liberty and justice FOR ALL, truth, peaceful trading between all nations, practicing what our founders wrote for all of us in The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.  We want there to be sovereign nations and understand that our nation can lead by example, showing what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness really means, and most importantly showing the world what a people can achieve when individual liberty, private property, sound money, the rule of law and voluntarism become apart of their lives.

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