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Mises Institute – The Biggest Videos, Ebooks, and Academy Courses of 2010

The Biggest Videos, Ebooks, and Academy Courses of 2010
By: Briggs Armstrong
Mises Daily

Visit the site for details – below is simply a slimmed down list from the Mises Daily article by Briggs Armstrong.

Top 10 Videos

1. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, When Is the Next AIG to Fall” — Marc Faber
2. “Prepare for the Worst” — Ron Paul
3. “New Deal: History, Economics, and Law” — Thomas E. Woods Jr.
4. “Keynesian Predictions vs. American History” — Thomas E. Woods Jr.
5. “What Ever Happened to the Constitution?” — Judge Andrew Napolitano
6. “How Bernanke Is Using the Printing Press to Win Friends and Influence People” — Robert Murphy
7. “Making of the Keynes-Hayek Rap: Economic Theory Meets Popular Culture” — John Papola
8. “The Command Economy: Surging Forward into the Past” — Charles Goyette
9. “Currency Failures from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A Brief History of Inflation” — Timothy Terrell
10. “War and Inflation: Financing the Empire” — Thomas DiLorenzo

Top 5 Mises Academy Classes

1. Understanding the Business Cycle — Robert Murphy
2. Principles of Economics — Robert Murphy
3. New Deal: History, Economics, and Law — Thomas Woods
4. The Road to Serfdom: Despotism, Then and Now — Thomas DiLorenzo
5. Nullification: A Jeffersonian Bulwark Against Tyranny — Thomas Woods

Top 10 Free Book Downloads

1. Human Action — Ludwig von Mises
2. Bourbon for Breakfast — Jeffrey A. Tucker
3. Lessons for the Young Economist — Robert P. Murphy
4. Pictures of the Socialistic Future — Eugen Richter
5. America’s Great Depression — Murray N. Rothbard
6. Man, Economy, and State, with Power and Market — Murray N. Rothbard
7. The Case for Legalizing Capitalism — Kel Kelly
8. Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought — Murray N. Rothbard
9. Walk Away — Douglas French
10. Against Intellectual Property — Stephan Kinsella

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