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Obama Is Ready For National Internet ID – Identity Ecosystem?

I found an article on DrugeReport.com regarding this issue.  Below the quotes from the article is a quick run down of the “Executive Summary” from the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) (DRAFT) or, Identity Ecosystem.

“President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today.”

“The move also is likely to please privacy and civil liberties groups that have raised concerns in the past over the dual roles of police and intelligence agencies.”

“The Obama administration is currently drafting what it’s calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which Locke said will be released by the president in the next few months. (An early version was publicly released last summer.)”

It’s likely to PLEASE privacy and civil liberties groups?!  How so?  The government is still in control of the information.  Did they think we would miss the part about Obama “handing this over” to the US Commerce Department?

I looked around for the early version and easily found it on the DHS website – National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (Draft) or as they call it the “Identity Ecosystem.”

With the vision of the Identity Ecosystem in mind, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) identifies the following goals:
Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive Identity Ecosystem Framework
Goal 2: Build and implement an interoperable identity infrastructure aligned with the Identity Ecosystem Framework
Goal 3: Enhance confidence and willingness to participate in the Identity Ecosystem
Goal 4: Ensure the long-term success of the Identity Ecosystem

Nine high-priority actions align to these goals and the vision. These actions provide the foundation for the Identity Ecosystem implementation. The actions are:
Action 1: Designate a Federal Agency to Lead the Public/Private Sector Efforts Associated with Achieving the Goals of the Strategy
Action 2: Develop a Shared, Comprehensive Public/Private Sector Implementation Plan
Action 3: Accelerate the Expansion of Federal Services, Pilots, and Policies that Align with the Identity Ecosystem
Action 4: Work Among the Public/Private Sectors to Implement Enhanced Privacy
Action 5: Coordinate the Development and Refinement of Risk Models and Interoperability Standards
Action 6: Address the Liability Concerns of Service Providers and Individuals
Action 7: Perform Outreach and Awareness Across all Stakeholders
Action 8: Continue Collaborating in International Efforts
Action 9: Identify Other Means to Drive Adoption of the Identity Ecosystem across the

Hmm… Goal 3 and Action 9 sound the same to me.

Spoofed websites, stolen passwords, and compromised login accounts are all symptoms of an untrustworthy computing environment. This Strategy seeks to identify ways to raise the level of trust associated with the identities of individuals, organizations, services, and devices involved in certain types of online transactions.

The Strategy’s vision is:
Individuals and organizations utilize secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity solutions to access online services in a manner that promotes confidence, privacy, choice, and innovation.

This “Strategy’s vision” is what every private online business tries to do simply because its good business, so why do we need the government to do it?

More specifically, the Strategy defines and promotes an Identity Ecosystem that supports trusted online environments.

Is it safe to say that sites that aren’t in these government defined “trusted online environments” won’t be allowed to be visited since our ISP’s will most likely have to comply with these new rules?

Finally, participation in the Identity Ecosystem is voluntary for both organizations and individuals.

Voluntary – just like taxes 🙂

There is plenty in the document, that was only some bits and pieces of the “Executive Summary.”  You should see this as a way for them to know what you do online.  They want to know where you shop, what you buy, who you support, what sites you visit and what you say.  This is a way to crack down on free speech and the free press by limiting your access to it unless you are a part of their “Identity Ecosystem.”  If you don’t see that, I think it might be time to get your eyes checked.  The government is inept at running things.  Our information will be about as private as the naked pictures the TSA is taking at the airports.

  1. January 9, 2011 at 5:24 am

    National Internet ID’s are just another Obama socialist agenda power grab just like ObamaCare, to control unruly American freedoms and most of all any speech not approved by the federal government!

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