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Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory – FEMA Camps Episode CENSORED

This is a dangerous time for the truth and liberty.  To take information, in any sense, away from someone is to abhor the idea of exactly what individual liberties are all about.  You should want to know why a show isn’t allowed to air, or a book was censored or burned.

Operation Dark Heart joins list of banned books
The U.S. Defense Department says it has paid $47,000 to destroy 9,500 copies of a former Army intelligence officer’s war memoir that the Pentagon contends threatened national security.

Is that what they think of the money that we all break our backs for is worth?  They burnt it, all $47,000 of it!  No doubt the fight to remove this episode from anywhere they could wasn’t free either.

You might say – “Well if the government spent the money to do it, it must have been worth it.”  It seems as Albert Einstein put very well – A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.

Give the article below from Infowars.com a read and watch the FEMA Camps episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory before it’s “removed” for the Internet (censored).


Censored Jesse Ventura Show On FEMA Camps Survives On You Tube

January 5, 2011

We urge you to watch the videos below because they might not be around for much longer. Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show about the police state and FEMA camps, which TruTV never aired because of constant government harassment and pressure, has already been memory-holed and is now under threat of being removed from You Tube as well.

The show covers the takeover plan and what they don’t want you to see – how martial law is being implemented in America. Get these videos now and share them before they disappear forever.

During his last appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Ventura confirmed that TruTV was forced to pull the show from their schedule due to government threats.

FLASHBACK: “Police State” episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air

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