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Obama wants JPMorgan Executive as White House Chief of Staff

Regarding an article I read on Bloomberg News this morning, it seems that Obama is considering William Daley, a JPMorgan Chase executive, former U.S. Commerce secretary, and (guilty by association at the least) general scumbag to possibly be the White House Chief of Staff.  He is hailed in this article as “a Washington veteran” and “someone with strong business ties.”


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone that wasn’t involved in a corrupt mega corporation or a Wall Street bank was running the Government?  It’s like these guys are boot-lickers for the central banking industry.  Actually that’s exactly what they are, not sure why I am trying to be nice.

They really dug deep to find a good comment from Douglas J. Elliot a FORMER JPMORGAN CHASE MANAGING DIRECTOR…

“Daley is highly respected by the business community and has great connections,”

Shit… You have to have some great connections to work for a company that got a 25 Billion Dollar bailout (READ: taxpayer money.)  And to spend 400 million of that to outsource jobs to India.  That’s the kind of leadership we need in the White House!

America – Are these the men we need to lead us in the right direction?  The same scum that robbed this nation blind, playing little casino games with our money.  “They paid back the bailout money!” is always the argument.  So, the banks were broke and needed money – American taxpayers footed the bill.  What came next?  Well, they all started giving massive bonuses, seems to me they didn’t need the money in the first place.  In fact – If I had a million dollars, told you I was broke and asked to borrow $500,00, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to pay you back, I already have the money!

Just in case you were feeling nice and cozy believing in our Republic, here is a haunting comment from the article – no doubt meant to make you feel confident in another one of Obama’s genius choices.

“The youngest of seven children of longtime Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, he is part of the most powerful political dynasty in Illinois.”

A dynasty!?  Sounds nasty and un-American to me – but what do I know.  It goes on to talk about how Obama is really focusing on changing up his administration for the rest of his (hopefully, only) term as President.

Obama is going to keep the guns blazing towards economic recovery “amid signs of recovery“, we can see that happening all over the country, especially in Chicago where this “dynasty” resides.  Chicago is on the hunt for a new Mayor though.  Of course, Rahm Emanuel is looking to take over the position and he worked closely with Daley in Clinton’s administration.  Ask yourself this, are you really voting for anybody different or is it just a new face with the same FAILED policies that have run a muck in the United States?

I’m sick of everyone being lied to about how the recession ended in June of 2009, these are just bold faced lies from the mouths of criminals.  I’m just not sure why anyone would believe what they say anymore.  It’s time for new policies, new people, and new ideas.  An educated citizenry is necessary for a Republic such as ours.  Take some time out of your day to read about the Federal Reserve and the history of central banking in not just the United States, but all over the world.  I recommend “End The Fed” by Ron Paul, simply because Dr. Ron Paul has an amazing way of keeping things simple, spirited and to the point.  The book is not very long, but it contains facts, insight and just about everything you need to know to start moving forward.  These criminals have no business leading our country!

Break yourself, your friends, your relatives away from this left/right, Democrat/Republican, Blue/Red paradigm.  It is built so you never agree!  It is built so you fight between each other and never come to the actual reality that no matter what puppet has been put in front of us, no matter what lies they preached during their campaigns, the FAILED economic and foreign policies stay the same and we not doing any better for it.

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